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"Experience innovation at its finest with us. We craft exceptional software solutions that redefine excellence and elevate your business."

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Empowering Innovation with React JS and C++. Unleash your potential with our cutting-edge programming tools and expertise.


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Explore the prestige of GeekOps, a leading software company shaped by the expertise and dedication of founding partners. Our meticulously skilled team transforms your ideas into reality with unparalleled precision and innovation, nurturing the startup of your dreams.

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We craft tailored software solutions that perfectly match your vision. Your satisfaction is our code.


1. Software creation

Your go-to software company for cutting-edge solutions. We specialize in software creation, crafting innovative and tailor-made applications for your business needs. Our talented team of tech-savvy nerds will transform your ideas into sleek, efficient software products that propel your company to new heights.


2. Cloud services

Experience the power of the cloud with our exceptional cloud services. Seamlessly store, access, and collaborate on your data from anywhere, with utmost security and reliability. Embrace efficiency and scalability with GeekOps' cloud products, revolutionizing the way you do business. Unlock the full potential of the cloud today!


3. Brand consultation

Empower your brand's digital journey with our software expertise. Grow your online presence through strategic brand consultations that blend innovation, tailored solutions, and SEO optimization for a lasting impact.


4. Engineering services

With our cutting-edge technology and skilled team, we provide top-notch software engineering services. From crafting efficient code to developing innovative solutions, our experts deliver tailor-made software products to meet your business needs.

Get ahead with your final year programming projects! Our expert team handles the coding while you focus on success.

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Mastering brands with precision.

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Experience seamless technology integration with our cutting-edge software for unparalleled user satisfaction.

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Crafting remarkable software, empowering brands to conquer their goals with digital innovation.

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At GeekOps, we're on a mission to create extraordinary software solutions that empower brands to reach new heights. With our expertise and passion for innovation.

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We collaborate closely with clients to craft tailor-made digital experiences that drive success. Together, let's conquer your goals and unlock boundless possibilities.

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"As a company there are different projects that may not be possible to get done due to various factors. But one can always delegate projects to GeekOps and trust them to deliver"

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Jonathan AyomideSenior VP | Tritech

"My final year saw my best result in my project and performance. Project Pal is the best thing that a final year student can rely on for maximum success, take it from a graduate."

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Rita Eze400L Computer Science Student

"Starting a business can be very tricky. There is a lot involved which can seem overwhelming but thanks to GeekOps, I was able to get my business up and running within a week."

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Anita BasseyEntrepreneur

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